Useful Multi Media Tips & Tricks

3Ds Max

Fastest way to set a numerical spinner to zero

Or it's lowest value    Rightclick on the arrows of the numerical spinner 

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Useful 3Ds Max shortcuts

The Autodesk 3d Studio Max shortcut keys that will speed up your work:  Alt-W    Toggle Maximize Viewport  G    Grid On/Off  Space    Lock Selection  J    Selection brackets (white box around selected object) On/Off  Z    Zoom selected object  C    Camera view  P  

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Align multiple vertices

Select the vertices Use Non-uniform scale Use selection Center or Use Transform coordinate center     Scale into the direction that needs to be aligned Works with all kinds of splines too

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Change the Path Constraint percent controller from Linear Float to Bezier Float

Go to the Motion panel or track view. Rightclick the object you want to change and choose 'Assign Controller'. Assign a Bezier Float control to the Percent parameter The default is Linear Float

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Configuring which version of 3ds Max is used when you double click on a file in explorer

Open Regedit: Click Start Type regedit.exe Find the associated key: Browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\3dsmax\Shell\Open\Command Double click on the (Default) entry Edit the path so it points to the 3dsmax.exe you’d like to use by default: “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\\3dsmax.exe” “%1” Use quotes and keep the “%1”

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